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The Remote BGC Library

A resource to all the remote resources available to Bard Graduate Center Students

Checking out books

The BGC Library allows you to check out a book to keep on your student shelf or to take home.

You can take up to 5 books at one time and they can be checked out for two weeks.

Checking out books:


  1. Take your books to the 2nd floor checkout station at the Reference Desk.
  2. Scan your ID barcode with the scanner. The iPad will pull up your account.
  3. Scan the barcode on each book.

The barcodes are typically on the back of every book, on the top right corner OR on the inside of the back cover (sometimes a few pages in, also in the top right corner. The barcode numbers always start with 35131)

If the scanner does not work, please let the library know right away by emailing 

If you forgot to check out your books, or the scanner is not working, fill out this form for each book and Library staff will check the book out to your account.


Checking in books:


  1. When you return a book from home, use the "check in" function on the iPad.
  2. Return the book to your shelf or a black re-shelving cart, if you are finished using it.