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Navigating the BGC Library

This guide is to help you navigate the physical space of the library

About the BGC Library

The BGC Library is located on almost every floor of the building at 38 W. 86th Street. Our collection houses approximately 60,000 volumes, over 500 journal titles, including 180 active subscriptions, as well as rare books, periodicals and special collections with approximately 700 volumes, microfilm, and a DVD collection.

Historically our collection has always been non-circulating, meaning that all books stayed within the building and students were able to "check out" books for long term usage to their designated shelf. When the COVID 19 shutdown occurred in March, we quickly put a circulation system in place, allowing students to bring books home for the first time in our history.

We plan to continue allowing outside circulation of our books. But we would like to stress to the BGC community the reasons why we had always been non-circulating, so please keep this in mind when checking out books-

  • A large amount of art books, are printed in small runs and many are out of print, making replacements very costly and sometimes impossible.
  • Please be extra careful with food and drink. Most art books have paper that is coated in clay, which gives these tomes a lovely sheen. If these books get wet, the clay turns the pages into a solid brick. 
  • By having a non-circulating system, our students and faculty were always able to share resources and have always been very collegial about borrowing from each other.
  • Most of our books are very large and heavy. Please do not take more than you can handle in one trip. 
  • We will need these books back! Keep that in mind if you relocate during your time at BGC.
  • If you can scan what you need, instead of taking the book out, please do.
  • Always check out your books at the checkout station or in this form.
  • These items will NOT circulate: Periodicals, Oversize books, Special collections, Qualifying Papers, Dissertations and DVDs